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December 24th, 2004

10:45 pm - Never was an never will be your not here and you can't see me...
Recipe for Christmas tea:

Cranberry tea bag (Twinings)
Teaspoon of honey,
cammomile tea bag (Fairtrade- Clipper)
A little stuffing flavouring
mixed urbs:
cinnamon, nutmeg (caution too much = halucinagenic'ness)

Leave to brew for about 5 minutes stir in honey, 1 tea bag per-person so larger portions of tea can be handed out.
Happy Christmas, and for those living in the uk at 11pm on BBC Radio 2 My Daddy is singing. Chapter House Choir perform Carols by candlelight as recorded in York minster.

x Fairynoj x
Current Mood: sleepysleepy
Current Music: Little donkey

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May 7th, 2004

03:02 am


February 15th, 2004

12:28 pm - Hilllo ^__^
Yup... I figured out in the end how to join... Wow. I'm a major bozo. :D But a very friendly bozo at that.

Mmmmm... Tea and Knitting...

Lets go knit a tea cozy.
Current Mood: bouncy
Current Music: "Now or Never" -- 3 Days Grace

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January 21st, 2004

03:37 am - MUHAHAH
Join Evanescence Nannas or else I'll knit you to death, and then we can have tea and crumpets.
Current Mood: Nanna-rific
Current Music: Go Go Girls - My Sweet Banana

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